Classic ASP is still around

The other day I had a very good client ask me for help. A friend of his has a Classic ASP site and needed a couple of changes done. I agreed to help. The experience taught me a few things.

  1. Setting up a Classic ASP site that uses Access for the database is quite a task under the latest version of IIS.
  2. Access as a database for web applications is interesting, but for it to work it has to be approached like SQL Server so why not just use SQL server?
  3. Developers don’t document their code nearly well enough.
  4. VB script is still quite powerful.
  5. The lessons I have learned since my Classic ASP days have helped me be a much better developer.

The fifth point is huge. All development experience takes you to a new level. Never forget the lessons you’ve learned as they will serve you well on all projects you attempt. It is my opinion that I will forever be the Developing Coder as I learn new things and reapply old things. 


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