Angular.js impressions

As you know from my previous blog I’ve been learning Angular.js. I have found it to be an extremely interesting and useful framework tool. As I’ve gotten into it things have been more complicated (by that I mean they can do more) and that is good. I like how easily it handles separation of code into an MVVC model. 

I believe that Angular.js will start out as part of my tool kit by creating some sort of simple example application. At this point I am not sure what. I highly recommend “Angular in 60ish minutes” video along with the PDF transcript of it. There is sample code that really helped me understand how to integrate Bootstrap with my Angular apps. 

I am working to improve my layout skills as the marketplace is changing rapidly. It used to be good enough to program the middle and back tier, but now the entire scope of the application is handled by one developer. This means learning everything that I was lagging a bit behind on previously.

I have enjoyed this excursion into Angulst.js. I am also learning the Lua scripting language and not having as much fun. I guess I see how I can use Angular.js but I am not seeing how I can use Lua at the moment. Does anyone reading have a good resource to learn mobile application development? Comment below if you do.


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