Learning Angular.js

I am currently in the planning stages of a website redesign for http://bariatricadvantage.com. As part of that planning I am responsible for deciding the tools to use during the redesign process. I am currently considering using Angular.js as my Javascript library. As part of my research I found a great video that explains Angular.js in about 20 minutes.

As you continue to read this article I will share with you my feelings and thoughts on Angular.js from this introductory video.

Angular.js seems to be very simple to get started with. It requires you to include a Javascript file like any other library. It then requires some directives that make the application work with Angular.js. Right away Dan teaches us about the data binding features of Angular.js. It appears to be pretty simple to use, yet super powerful all at the same time.

For instance, there is a code snippet like this:


It will show you whatever you type in the search box. Obviously not the most useful thing in real-life, but it exemplifies that whatever is typed in the search box is displayed where I’ve asked it to be displayed using “{{ searchText }}”.

Dan went on in the video to explain how to create an Angular.js module and an Angular.js controller. He showed how to consume those. All of this gets done without a single line of Javascript. There is much power hidden within Angular.js.

The problem with this video is that it has other code that cannot be seen that is vital to running the application. Dan provided a link to the code in his video comments.

Grab the source!

All in all, this is an amazing, albeit short, overview of Angular.js. It has gotten me interested enough to try the tutorials on the Angular.js site. Let me know if you’ve used Angular.js on your sites. Put a link to your Angular.js site in the comments below. Thanks!


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