Classic ASP is still around

The other day I had a very good client ask me for help. A friend of his has a Classic ASP site and needed a couple of changes done. I agreed to help. The experience taught me a few things. Setting up a Classic ASP site that uses Access for the database is quite a […]

Practical Experience With Angular.js

I wrote an article not that long ago addressing my impressions of Angular.js. Today I want to talk to you about how my feelings have changed after working on my first production Angular.js application. Angular.js is a very powerful tool for the front end developer, especially one who understands the back end. I have been […]


Angular.js impressions

As you know from my previous blogĀ I’ve been learning Angular.js. I have found it to be an extremely interesting and useful framework tool. As I’ve gotten into it things have been more complicated (by that I mean they can do more) and that is good. I like how easily it handles separation of code into […]